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Practical and simple answers to the most common questions on lock sets are found on this page.

How can I protect my kids?

Kids are protected when the doors are locked and the cabinets containing hazardous products are also secured. You must also remove the keys from the doors. Our experts insist that kids may open the door and exit the house or lock themselves in the bathroom. Keep the keys as well as the transponder key away from them.

What future locks will be like?

The door locks of the future will be electronic and completely keyless. They'll work with codes and will be biometric. The future smart security door locks will be operated from your cell and warn you about someone being at your doorstep. If someone is trying to break-in, the lock will warn you by flashing the bedroom lights.

How can you prevent the key from breaking inside the lock?

Never apply pressure on the bow sideways. Regularly check the key for bent and worn blade and replace it timely.

I've lost my key but have the code number. Can you make me a new key?

Yes, but doing so may not be a good idea. Once a key is lost, there's a good chance someone else has it, and they could potentially enter your home or office using that key. If your key is actually lost rather than broken, it's better to have us re-key your locks so there are no security concerns about someone else using your old key to enter your property.

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