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Locksmith tips to increase the probabilities of succeeding with lock repair, change and maintenance.

Deal with problems immediately

When you suspect that the key doesn't fit well in the lock or the cylinder doesn't turn properly, you should proceed with lock repair at once. Major security problems start with minor issues according to our technicians. When problems are small, they are fixed easier and do not create big gaps in your home or office security.

Don't let locks get old

Old door locks might lead to trouble. The keyway gets dirty and some parts may erode or get distorted due to weather conditions and other factors. Keys will have similar problems unless you proceed with key replacement in the meanwhile. Problematic locks will eventually lock you out or will not allow you to secure the door properly.

Tricks to deter potential thieves

Sometimes, no matter how you work hard securing your home or office, thieves might still find a way around it. But if you try harder, you can easily put off any bad intention because thieves are afraid of being caught and imprisoned. Locksmith Lakeside experts suggest that you have some gravel or pebbles on your driveways because they create a sound whenever someone is approaching the house.

Don't place duplicate keys in the car glove compartment

If you park your car outside even for a few hours, consider the possibility of car theft. In this case, you wouldn't want someone to get your house keys, too. So, avoid putting them in the glove compartment. Car thieves will first look in there even if they're just searching for money.

Carry around fewer keys

Many business owners like to unify their locks to one key saving the confusion of carrying around too many keys. Call our re-keying technicians for details.

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