Little Secrets to Keep Locks Working

Little Secrets to Keep Locks Working

Lock repair and maintenance are imperative but not always due to lock faults and problems.

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What's the use of door locks if they cannot work? You might think that getting the right bolts will close the subject of home security once and for all but things don't work out usually like that. Locks need constant attention since they are the means for our security. Lock repair and maintenance are imperative but not always due to lock faults and problems. Sometimes, we make the mistake to focus merely on the locks and we forget that the door's condition also plays a vital role. On top of that, small everyday moves might deteriorate the condition of both locks and doors and we end up dealing with problems out of the blue. So, let's acknowledge them, face them and learn how to avoid them.

6 things you must NEVER forget to do

  • Never close the door before checking that there is nothing obstructing it. A small piece of wood blown into the house during a windy day can act as a wedge. With a big push the door might close, but then again it might not open again. The latch will be pressed and possibly damaged.
  • Never forget to maintain the door. The hinges must be replaced before they rust and be tightened occasionally or the door will sag. In this case, the latch won't find the hole of the strike plate and the door won't lock.
  • Never pull the door from the key to close it. The lock might get damaged as the pins might break. Of course, lock change will be needed.Little Secrets to Keep Locks Working
  • Never forget to check the weather strips of the door. At one point, they might pop and you'll have to push the door to close it well. This will affect the latch and the door might not lock well. Lock replacement will be required sooner.
  • Never fail to check the commercial door closer. If it doesn't work properly, the door will slam and will be ruined. Consequently, it might not lock well.
  • Never use force on a key that doesn't turn. Lubricate the lock or proceed with key replacement. It's better than having a broken key in the lock.

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